Equine art exhibition

Our visual arts exhibition isn’t the only “Horsing Around” event in Feb: Salon Hecate will be hosting an evening of equine literature on 6 February. We have some beautiful and unusual material to share with you.

If you think of Noordhoek, chances are you’ll think of horses. From the iconic photos of riders cantering along the beach in twists of mist and plumes of spray, to the inevitable experience of trailing over Ou Kaapse Weg behind a horsebox, the equine is divine around here.

Did you know that one of the late Queen Elizabeth’s happiest memories was of riding along a South African beach as a girl? That Albertina Sisulu was an accomplished horsewoman in her youth? That Damon Galgut donated a poem about donkeys to a charity anthology? Come and learn more!

Horsing Around – Salon Hecate-style

On Monday, 6 February, local writers and poets Wendy Woodward and Sally Cranswick will share poems and prose, and we’ll also feature the words of Arthur Attwell, Finuala Dowling and Elinor Sisulu. Join us for a glass of wine, and a reading that will have you feeling your oats.

About author Sally Cranswick

Women out of Water is Sally Cranswick’s debut collection of nine short stories, about women “out of their comfort zones”. She lives in Cape Town, and works as a freelance writer and workshop facilitator with a special interest in life-writing and memoir. She has an MA in Creative Writing from UCT.


About author Wendy Woodward

Wendy Woodward’s poems have appeared in local and overseas journals, and she has published three poetry collections. Her academic publications focus on interactions between humans and animals. She taught for twenty years in the postgraduate Creative Writing Programme at the University of the Western Cape, and continues to teach creative writing groups and facilitate courses in poetry writing at UCT Summer School.

Wendy with donkey

Date: 6 February 2023, 5.30 for 6 until 7pm, at Noordhoek Art Point gallery. Entrance is free.

Our visual arts exhibition focusing on all things equine is on display through the month of love. Read all about it here

Got a question about this event or interested in a particular piece you’ve seen? Get in touch with us at info@noordhoekartpoint.co.za or call 0835642493.