Into the Deep, a group exhibition for World Ocean month at Noordhoek Art Point

Welcome to Into the Deep, an immersive exhibition that delves into the ocean’s mesmerizing depths. During World Ocean Month, we celebrate the awe-inspiring magnificence of this great mass of waters while raising awareness about the pressing environmental challenges it faces.

In this group exhibition, we embark on a visual journey capturing the ocean’s allure. From sunlight dancing through turquoise waters to the mysterious and beautiful creatures that live in it, we explore the beauty of the blue. You will find bronze and wood sculpture, pencil illustration, bright acrylic and our very first artist who uses Artificial Intelligence to create fanciful works related to the ocean. 

Unveiling the ocean’s power and plight through art 

However, Into the Deep goes beyond admiration; it’s a call to action. Through key pieces, we shed light on the threats plaguing our oceans—plastic waste entangling marine life, coral reefs bleached by rising temperatures, and the consequences of overfishing. From Michelle Beattie’s collection of works made from plastic washed up on Cape Town beaches, to Stefan Olivier’s AI-generated coral mandalas, this exhibition aims to spark dialogue, encouraging reflection and empathy towards the ocean. Together, we must protect and restore its fragile balance.

Join us as we explore the depths of Into the Deep, where beauty meets fragility and awareness sparks action. Let us appreciate, protect, and restore the wondrous realm that shapes our planet’s destiny. 

Participating artists: 

Michelle Beattie

Leigh Bisset 

Chris Bladen

Tuesday Houston  

Jared Kruger

Aimee Lindeque 

Taryn Morton

Daniel Mundell 

Stefan Olivier 

Tori Stowe 

Clea Witte 

Guy Woollen

Into the Deep group exhibition is on display at the gallery 1 – 25 June.

Join us at the exhibition opening on Thursday, 8 June, 17:30.

Got a question about this event or interested in a particular piece you’ve seen? Get in touch with us at or call 0835642493.