Rebecca Lane's art

We’re thrilled to shine a spotlight on self-taught artist and “forever determined dreamer,” Rebecca Lane. Her journey through life, from Germany to the vibrant landscapes of Cape Town, has imbued her artwork with a unique and captivating essence.

She prefers acrylic on canvas, a medium she has masterfully wielded to breathe life into her artistic vision. With every brushstroke, she weaves a tale of luminous florals and enchanting birds, infusing each piece with an irresistible radiance.

One of her signature creations, the whimsical ostriches, is adored by art enthusiasts for its playful charm. These quirky characters never fail to bring a smile to both the artist’s face and the hearts of those who encounter them.

Inspiration behind her art

Her wellspring of inspiration? Nature in all its glory, particularly the resplendent fynbos and the breathtaking landscapes that surround her. Her artistic playground, as she describes it, is her “magical meadows,” where she paints with unbridled intuition, devoid of reference, allowing her creativity to flow freely.

Beyond her private art sales, Rebecca has made her mark in the art world through participation in various exhibitions, from The Studio Art Gallery to Marvol Gallery at Hazendal wine estate, Kirstenbosch Gardens, and the Deep South Community Art exhibition. She’s also a dedicated member of the Noordhoek Open Studios committee, actively managing their social media presence.

Doing good with art

Rebecca’s art not only delights the senses but also serves a greater purpose. She extends her creativity to support local animal shelters and conservation organisations through private art sales and auctions, a testament to her commitment to making a positive impact through her work.

As her commissions and sales continue to soar, Rebecca is embarking on a full-time art career, a journey she undertakes with immense gratitude. We’re honored to showcase her exceptional talent among our esteemed artists, and we invite you to explore her captivating collection at Noordhoek Art Point throughout October.

Join us in celebrating the artistic journey of Rebecca Lane, a testament to the power of determination, inspiration, and the enduring magic of art.

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