Garden art

Poster artwork by Ann Jooste

Between 1 and 28 October, we’re welcoming the warmer seasons with a celebration of the garden. 

“Blooming Marvellous” is a vibrant group exhibition that captures the enchanting beauty of gardens through the lens of art. It coincides with a time of the year when Mother Nature beckons us with her kaleidoscope of colours and invites us to wander among her blooms and discover the magic they hold. It also happens during the same month as Noordhoek Open Gardens and Garden Day SA.

On display from 1 October

In this collection, we have curated a diverse array of artworks that pay homage to the allure of gardens in all their forms. These talented artists have delved deep into the essence of these cultivated spaces, where nature and human creativity intertwine.

Participating artists

Kim Black 

Annelie Janse van Rensburg

Zonia Scheffer Art 

Megan Potgieter and Ann Jooste of Coral Bloom Studio

Kate Scharf 

Tori Stowe

Tuesday’s Child

Libby Bell 

Katy Yang 

Hennie van Loggerenberg

Cathlyn Massingham

Kendall-Leigh Nash

AJ Burns

Janet Ormond

Garden art celebrations

Gardens are not merely physical spaces; they are poetic expressions of our connection with the Earth. Through their work, the participating artists celebrate this unique relationship. They use their chosen mediums – be it painting, sculpture, photography, or mixed media – to capture the fleeting moments of beauty that gardens offer, and to reflect on the deeper layers of meaning that lie beneath the surface.

You’re invited!

Please join us on Thursday, 5 October from 17:30 to mark the opening of Blooming Marvellous with a little celebration. RSVP via

Got a question about this exhibition or interested in a particular piece you’ve seen? Get in touch with us at or call 0835642493.