Fynbos art on display this September

Join us for our September group exhibition focused on fynbos art in celebration of the delicate beauty and rich biodiversity of this remarkable ecosystem. Between 1 and 26 September, we’re showcasing a curated group of artists who share a profound connection with the unique world of fynbos.

On display from 1 September

Each brushstroke, each intricate detail, and every burst of colour in these artworks captures the essence of this uniquely South African floral kingdom. We have thoughtfully selected our contributing artists for their distinctive interpretations of fynbos, whether through their awe-inspiring landscapes, intimate studies, or abstract expressions.

Explore fynbos art that transports you to these landscapes, revealing indigenous blooms’ vibrant hues, intricate play of light and shadow, and nature’s awe-inspiring adaptations.

Participating artists

Shaune Rogatschnig

Vaune Elliott 

Annehette Troost 

Nicole van Rooyen 

Joanne Milne 

Shirley Brandon 

Samantha Pitout 

Stefan Olivier 

Megan Potgieter and Anne Jooste of Coral Bloom 

Véronique de Vries 

Fynbos Drops

From traditional to modern techniques, each artwork mirrors the artist’s dedication to portraying an intricate web of life. They invite reflection on our natural world’s fragility and resilience.

Soak in the fynbos art

Join us in experiencing the beauty and wonder of fynbos through the eyes and hands of these talented artists. As you immerse yourself in their works, may you find inspiration and a renewed connection with the remarkable biodiversity that surrounds us.

We invite you to explore the Fabulous Fynbos throughout September and discover the magic that unfolds when art and nature intertwine. Your presence honours not only the artists’ skill and dedication but also the precious ecosystem they pay tribute to. Welcome to a world of fynbos-inspired creativity!

You’re invited!

Join us Friday, 1 September at 17:30 for the opening of the Fabulous Fynbos group exhibition.

Got a question about this event or interested in a particular piece you’ve seen? Get in touch with us at info@noordhoekartpoint.co.za or call 0835642493.