jam recipes at Salon Hecate this August

Relish! Salon Hecate hosts the Great Recipe and Homemade Goodie Jar Extravaganza (with bonus toads)


Something completely different at Salon Hecate for August. We’ll be reading recipes/spells (because what is a recipe if not a spell? And how many recipes are pure poetry?). Recipes not just for delicious dishes, but for managing this funny old business we call life, that comfort, inspire and heal. We’re welcoming Ambre Nicolson (author of A to Z of Amazing South African Women), and our very own local lass, writer and blogger Cathy Park, to share goodness and wisdom with us. We’ll also be sharing Yashmeen Khan’s exceptional recipe for vegan breyani.

The line-up will include mystery guests and readings about famous toads, in honour of the good people of Toad Nuts, who will be joining us to call for volunteers for Western Leopard Toad (Sclerophrys pantherinus) patrol here in Noordhoek during breeding season — August and September. (The fact that Cathy’s memoir is titled Boiling A Frog Slowly is completely coincidental. No amphibians will be harmed on the night!)

There’ll also be a different kind of sharing. If you like, you’re welcome to bring a jar of something homemade to contribute to a goodie box. At the end of the reading, everyone who brought something along gets to choose an item from the box. But’s there’s absolutely no obligation to participate — just a way to add another dimension to sharing recipes.

And because it’s going to be a magical evening (and we’ve noticed and appreciated the children attending our events), if anyone would like to wear costumes or accessories that fit the theme (Frog Prince? One of Shakespeare’s witches? Mr Toad of Toad Hall?), we’d be thrilled. Once again: no obligation. All are welcome to attend, and drinks and snacks will be served. Plus we always make a plan for loadshedding. Come for the recipes and poems, stay for the enchantment!

One last little piece of magic: Noordhoek Art Point’s very own Tuesday Houston donated her witty work “Toadally Plausible” to the recent Project Noordhoeked charity auction, and it garnered a whopping R15 000 for the cause! We’re so proud and excited. Come and see the prints of this fabulous work at the gallery.

Entrance is free, but please RSVP to info@noordhoekartpoint.co.za for catering purposes.

Date and time: Monday 7th August, 5.30 for 5.45pm.

Got a question about this event or interested in a particular piece you’ve seen? Get in touch with us at info@noordhoekartpoint.co.za or call 0835642493.