Ingrid Altmann's collection called 'This old painting'

Ingrid Altmann is our featured artist for July. Her collection of work places childhood cartoon characters in idyllic scenes using old paintings she finds when thrifting. She calls it “parody art”. Spot Garfield, Tin-Tin, the Roadrunner and more in dramatic scenes that’ll make you laugh. 

After 20 years in the public relations industry, Ingrid Altmann decided that it was time for a change. Having always loved art and specifically, painting, she was drawn to some concepts she had seen online that sparked ideas for a new collection. 

“I have always been passionate about recycling and upcycling items to give them a new lease on life,” says Ingrid. 

Cartoon characters amidst old landscape scenes

“While searching online I came across artists adding comical characters to older pieces of artwork and decided that I would try something similar to pieces that I found in secondhand stores, particularly characters from my childhood, and that is how ‘This old Painting’ began!” 

You can expect to see TinTin and Snowy bounding through the woods, Noddy and Big Ears navigating their car through a safari scene, SpongeBob SquarePants and his friends in a harbour being abducted by a little alien and so much more. 

Ingrid began frequenting thrift stores all over the Western Cape, looking for art treasures and then adding her unique spin to add a new dynamic to the piece.

Ingrid (right) with auctioneer and hair stylist Reto Camichel.

Giving new life to old paintings

“It has become a bit like a treasure hunt for me. Searching around these stores looking for suitable artworks that would work with cartoon characters has been so much fun,” she explains. 

“I love adding characters from my childhood into these paintings as they make me laugh and they breathe life into old, unwanted paintings.” 

This body of work is a truly post-modern mish-mash. Ingrid’s first exhibition took place at Noordhoek Art Point during October 2022, showcasing her first 15 paintings.

A detail from 'Garfield and Jon relaxing on a river in this old painting' by Ingrid Altmann.

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