the art of birds group exhibition

The alluring majesty of birds has long captured our imagination. Evidence of our fascination with the avian dates as far back as the Palaeolithic period. The Art of Birds is then simply a modern take on an age-old love story, a celebration of the quiet joy of observing the natural world in all its splendour. 

Birds play an essential role in our ecosystems, from pollinating flowers to controlling insect populations. They are a symbol of freedom, grace, and adaptability, and their presence has inspired artists throughout history. South Africa is home to an extraordinary diversity of birdlife, from the majestic African Fish Eagle to the flamboyant Southern Red Bishop.

The art we have curated from 11 local artists is an attempt to capture and celebrate the beauty of birds. Each artwork offers a unique perspective on the beauty and diversity of our birdlife. 

We invite you to immerse yourself and experience this collection of art inspired by birds.

Participating artists

Andrew Jenkins

Vaune Elliott

Caryn Pottas

Matthew Bell 

Tilly Watermeyer

Joanne Milne

Daniel Mundell

Rebecca Lane

Liffey Joy

Joni-Leigh Doran 

Aimee Kruger

Melanie Cornelius

Pop in to view this exhibition between 4 and 29 May

Noordhoek Art Point is located at 16 Noordhoek Main Rd, Sunnydale, Cape Town, 7975.

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