Giraffe by Aimee Kruger

“You can be very wild and still be very wise,” observes Yoko Ono.

No truer statement applies to the noble creatures that call the untouched spaces of Africa home. Inspired by the advent of World Wildlife Day on 3 March 2023, Thinking Wild is a pure celebration of Africa’s wildlife, from the majestic big five found on the great southern African plains, to the painfully shy okapi that call the lush forests of central Africa their home.

We’re pleased to showcase works from a selection of outstanding wildlife artists, including sculptor Thomas van Gylswyk, Clea Witte who creates vibrant wildlife art using bright and unusual colours, award-winning photographer Melanie Cornelius who won the 2021 Photographer of the Year for her image ‘Spring-Buck features’, Ann Gadd who adds a graffiti-like twist to wildlife art and more! 

The Thinking Wild exhibition is on between 2 and 26 March at Noordhoek Art Point.

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