Anneke Potgieter

Local Kommetjie artist Anneke Potgieter joins us for the month of March to showcase her current body of work. 

“The golden thread running through my work, regardless of medium and subject, is its atmospheric nature,” she observes. 

“I find myself constantly experimenting with the interplay between light and dark, and the power of suggestion. Reflected light, deep shadows, and varied textures are the result.”

Turning to art during lockdown

As a self-trained artist, Anneke found herself turning to painting during the imposed lockdown of 2020. Heading to her home art studio in Kommetjie has now become a daily practice that helps her to fully immerse herself in the present.

It’s perhaps no wonder that her latest works are at once softly feminine and yet still able to express strong contrasts and bold colour comparisons.

“I believe there is a place for art that validates the subtle and the quiet — art that does not deny the chaos of the human state but uncovers the deeper equilibrium that exists despite it,” she explains on her website.  

Anneke Potgieter cloudscape

“Creating this type of art requires the artist to look upon the world with a gaze that is soft enough to notice the beauty that persists, and to use it as a tool towards establishing balance. That is why I create.”

Be sure to view Anneke’s collection of works up on our feature wall for the month of March 2023. 

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