Horse sculpture made using old horse shoes by Jack Chikeya

Life-size metal sculpture horses are truly a sight to behold. These pieces of art are incredibly intricate, crafted with an impressive level of detail that can be appreciated from every angle. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they can also be a great conversation starter and bring a unique sense of style and sophistication to any home. During our Horsing Around exhibition, you will find two outstanding metal sculptors showcasing their works.

Jack Chikeya

Jack Chikeya is a welding artist from Zimbabwe. He was first inspired to create sculptures using worn-out car parts when he worked as an assistant to a panel beater some 20 years ago. His current selection of life-size horse sculptures adorn the entrance and quad area of our gallery.

“We used to rebuild old cars where we would reconstruct worn-out car parts and that inspired me to start building insects and birds, and later, other animals, using old roofs, old car bonnets, and used oil drums.”

Jack moved to Cape Town in 2020 where he worked under an artist who introduced him to working with old horseshoes and other old machine parts. The results are his series of horses in animated poses – rearing up, cantering, standing alert. We are honoured to have four of his ‘herd’ on display at the gallery during our Horsing Around exhibition, on until 28 February.

Vaune Elliott

Vaune Elliott is an eternal student of practical skills. He has always been fascinated and kept busy with the mechanics of creating, fixing and adjusting.

His interest in welding, drawing and art have led him to sculpture. Using the materials available and staying true to a style that is familiar to a life surrounded by cars, bicycles and motorbikes, Vaune has found a medium that both challenges and excites him as an artist.

Statuesque by Vaune Elliott

Drawing inspiration from his love for animals, Vaune started experimenting with detailed spiders made from scrap metal and spare parts he had kept aside. This has now developed into larger works and art pieces, such as ‘Statuesque’, a life-size bust of a horse with ears that move on ball-sockets, and a stand that can be swivelled 360 degrees. 

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Be sure to visit the gallery to view the works of these and 9 other talented artists showcasing equine-inspired works for our Horsing Around exhibition, on until 28 February. 

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