Mandy Lake Feature wall

Mandy Lake is a rising talent who primarily creates works in oils. We are pleased to showcase her current collection over January 2023.

Her love of the ocean turned into a passion for painting it, as she tries to capture its wondrous, ever-changing moods, power, light, and tranquility.

“I want viewers to experience a thrill, a resonance, or a primal pull. I think we all share that deep longing and affinity,” says Mandy. She feels her current collection of works should not be seen as seascapes but as depictions of the sea itself.

Mandy Lake

At least one part impressionistic, her current collection of works depicts the moods and tones of the ocean, where a single moment can shift from powerful, gloomy, and threatening to sparkling, luminous, and everything in between.

“My compositions are close-up encounters that attempt to convey a portion of that sheer splendour,” she explains.

From the moment she plots out her composition, she is acutely aware of the light and the subtle shifts in colour, using transparent oils layer by layer and saving the opaques for the waves’ whites. 

Mandy Lake

“[The ocean] is an intricate, fragile, and all-powerful body of water, which transports us and provides us with food, can also swiftly demolish us and wipe out our land. We are intimately connected to the seas that compete at our southernmost point here on the South African coast. In my paintings, I try to capture this intense relationship.”

Mandy Lake feature wall

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