Noordhoek Art Point’s first ‘Wave Art’ group exhibition is on between 4 and 28 November. Pop in to see a selection of talented local – and not so local – artists showcasing original pieces inspired by the power of the ocean. 

The magnificence of water movement has captured the imagination of many an artist whose desire it is to interpret this fluid, and at times mystical, energy in their own way. Now, from illustrations to oils, ink to charcoal, you can view a diverse selection of art exploring this theme. 

But why waves?

Aside from the fantastic surfing opportunities the valley has to offer, Noordhoek is known for a few spectacular – and quite famous – big wave surfing spots. So, you can see why we have a special love of waves!  

Participating artists

This group exhibition includes 11 artists, mostly local, with some special guests from up country:

Trevor Beach is known internationally for his landscape and seascape art pieces.

Craig Cockcroft will be showcasing his ongoing collection dubbed Surfscapes; oil paintings of idyllic surf spots on repurposed skateboard decks. 

Tuesday Houston has become known for her quirky illustrations depicting octopus tentacles. 

Jared Kruger uses ink on linen and paper to explore the sheer vastness of the ocean. 

Mark Molenaar‘s current work focuses on his  lifelong attraction to the ocean, expressing the spirit, power, energy, emotion and memories that water in motion creates. 

Nola Muller‘s landscapes of Cape Town’s mountain, fynbos and ocean capture the magic and vibrancy of this unique biome. She is also an avid longboard surfer who knows the waves along this coastline rather well…

Louis Nel is inspired by the ever-changing ocean. “I use the rich source material at my disposal to create paintings that reflect an atmosphere and feeling found not only in nature but more importantly, in my soul.”

Michael Graham Smith is a master of charcoal drawing, managing to capture his subject in minute detail both visually and in spirit. 

Sacha Specker is a photographer living in Cape Town. His works celebrate the natural world in all its beauty with his “Water sculptures” a special focus. 

Gavin Thomson is an illustrator and cartoonist whose work dwells on a range of subjects one might call the human condition. 

Theo Paul Vorster brings a light, whimsical touch to his works. Using printmaking and mixed media, he creates fantastical scenes, often of nautical and maritime subjects. 

Wave art group exhibition

Got a question about the exhibition or interested in a particular piece you’ve seen? Get in touch with us at info@noordhoekartpoint.co.za or call 0835642493.